Indian Dancer

Indian Fiesta Gallup

In August 2008, I managed to make a trip to US, following Route 66. It was a very important trip, that we have planned for about 5 years, as the historic importance of it, was high. Route 66 was the route that caravans were following when people were migrating from East to West coast of the US.

At some point, on the 10th of August, we have arrived at Gallup, New Mexico and we saw signs for an Indian Fiesta.

We did not realize what it would be but out of curiosity we went there.

We saw one of the most impressive shows we ever experienced.

Traditional American Indian dancers, in the middle of a completely dark field, competing in front of the different tribes.

Very hard to shoot, I then realized why cameras need the 6400 ISO setting…

Amazing experience that I would highly recommend if you ever be there.

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