It always rains…

Panta Vrechi

There is a place in the continental Greece called by the strange name: “Panta Vrechi”, than means “It always rains”. This place, lost between mountains and rivers is hiding for thousands of years, from the eyes of those that prefer not to try in order to enjoy nature’s miracles.

To arrive there, you need to walk for about an hour in the middle of a river, that in the Summer can be possible as the water might be just one meter deep but in the winter it is impossible to get there.

The interesting thing about this place is that a river (over the one you need to walk in) arrives to this place from a higher level, is guided through the perforated rock and then comes down, forming hundreds of small waterfalls.

The place is amazing and those that have been there have certainly been vastly impressed.

The name of the place created because the overhead waterfall creates a rain effect that never stops through the year around.

I found my way to this place in August 2006, and after saving my photo equipment from drowning, I managed to take some shots. After that, I tried to have a… shower under the waterfall, realizing, shortly after, that the water is so cold that every piece of my body was numb… A shock, but a nice one…

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