The school

At Laka

This old Primary School is placed at Laka, a small village at the small island of Paxos, in Greece.

The building is on one side of the impressive Laka’s Gulf  and it is the school that my uncle went to during the World War II.

It is not something special besides the architecture of the building, however, as it is preserved quite well, it is still a reminder of the history of this small place.

For everyone that has seen this place, it is impressive to imagine the natural beauty that children were seeing while looking outside the windows of the school. That poor community was blessed with an incomparable beauty of the landscape…

I first saw this school in 1986, while that building was still used as a school (I am almost sure about that). Now it is preserved as a cultural building by the local state.

This image was taken in August 2004. Logo KK

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