Houses of the Dragons

Drago 4

In central Greece, on the island of Evoia, within the forests and up on the high mountains there are some strange buildings, that the Archaeologists say that come from the pre-historic times.

Thos buildings called “Drakospita” (Dragon Houses) by the locals, are placed at places that even now it is hard to get to.

The Myth says, that as people were not able to build those houses, the Dragons have built them and they are living inside them…

What is so special about them is, that they are built of huge stones, a lot heavier that one or two people can hold, and it is a mystery how they were built. Also there are architectural details –like the round roof- that prove, that those people that built them were real craftsmen.

Pictures were taken in April 2009, as part of my photo project about “the Drakospita of southern Evoia.”

Drago 5

Drago 3

Drago 1

Drago 2Logo KK

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