Just a pen!

Kids of AfricaNo matter how many times I have been to Africa, there is always one thing it is impossible to forget. This is the children’s eyes.

Probably I am somehow biased but those innocent kids always make me think that we have to do something about them.

The strongest experience though, was a few minutes after doing this shot… One of the children, not more than 5-6 years old, came to me and asked me: “Do you have a pen? I need it for the school, tomorrow, so that I will be able to write…”

He did not beg for money, he was asking for a pen, an object that in “our” world, we have in huge quantities and whose value we often ignore.

Even now, 13 years after, I can not forget this child’s eyes.

It is so hard to realize the strength of those children and their respect for knowledge. The, so called, civilized world’s children in many cases neglect school, do not want to study or they prefer other “activities”.

Sad enough to realize that what is offered is very well, very often ignored…

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