It’s been some time since I would like to post this image. Botswana, October 2004, my first visit to the area. We visited a school in order to bring some aid in the form of pens, notebooks, school material in general.

While being there, the above pictured, child appeared “driving” his own made car. I was very much impressed that this child used material we consider as trash and formed them in a creative way in order to be able and fantasize that he is driving a car!

In the “developed: countries children are well acquainted with the iPad, the Nintendo, the computer, spending a serious amount of their time using “machines”. No creativity, no imagination at all!

I post this incident in order to express my respect to those children that are able to create something, actually, from Nothing!

Car from Wire

Look, how much imagination and detail, those cars made of wire have material from the trash, used innovatively!

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