Greek Member’s of Parliament 2013 salary: €20.000

Greek House of Parliament

It is many times that I believe it is completely our fault… It is us to blame for the situation in Greece. Recently the blog, reported the exact monthly cost of each of the Greek Members of Parliament, as it applies for 2013! If you read, I am sure that you will agree that we, as a country, are very flexible in things we shouldn’t.

Before you go on, you need to realize that we talk for this time that official unemployment rate is over 27%, the basic monthly salary is €586 (incl. taxes) and soon many more Greeks will lose their job.

So, at this time, this critical time for Greece the Members of Greek Parliament enjoy such a high income that is out of any reason.

The monthly income of Members of Greek Parliament as of July 2013
Parliamentary Allowance (as basic salary): €8.000
For Research Associates: €4.000
Allowance office organization: €2.263
Participation in Committees: €1.100 (it is an average amount as some of them are involved in more and other in less committees…)
Car leasing: €1.000
Renting cost (applies for Province Members of Parliament): €1.000
Phone budget: €983
Air tickets (applies for Province Members of Parliament): €960
Fuel budget: €473
Medical Insurance: €350
Cell phone budget: €200

The above analysis results from the appeal of the Court Officials who protest of the cuts to their salaries and so it is 100% true. That means that every one of the 300 Members of the Greek Parliament consumes €20.329 per month from the country’s diminished budget or about €677 per day (higher than the monthly salary of many Greeks), or €244.000 per year!

This is a NOT ACCEPTABLE situation especially if we realize that the Greek government is doing nothing for the profit of the country…

For my Greek speaking friends, you can read the analysis HERE.


  1. And still they don’t understand. And some voters don’t either. And lately they have put bars around the parliament hoping that they will stop the crowd from flooding the place. Because we should not let them sign off any more rights of the country and its people. And I am willing to pay them double the money if they stepped off and went away.

    1. It’s on south europe that these differences are bigger, and that is a symptom of less-informed people and a lack of democratic culture, like here in Portugal. Beyond our poverty, we have our banker on the top 10 of incomes and our parlment members gat assistance for home of about 1.400,00€/month, besides other commodities…It´s a virtual world for us, a real life for them. Of course, I do agree it´s our fault too. Have to change it!

      1. We have to learn to connect through the internet so that we understand that these are not isolated incidents for each country, but a central plan with variations.

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