Neda’s adventure

Neda is a river located in the south-western side of Greece.

Known from the Greek Mythology, is the only river that named after a female, Neda.

Currently, Neda is famous for its extremely beautiful waterfals and this is what this article is all about. My recent visit to Neda.

neda_1aFirstly you see the river…

neda_1At the point the 800m footpath starts, there is a nice small bridge

neda_2The footpath is rocky, and at the bagining is going uphill. Not something difficult to cross, though

neda_3Small door in the middle

neda_17Yes, you are on the right path…

neda_4The view is amazing in any direction

neda_5This is the first waterfal. Of course you can swim

neda_6Approaching the second one, the bigger and most impressive, enjoy the view…




neda_10Between the two waterfals

neda_11Strangely grown tree…

neda_12Up in the air

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