Fish market in Varanasi (16 photos)

fish-market-6Fish markets all over the world are an attraction for photographers. Many reasons for this… People there are simple: They sell, you buy! Simple things. Not many to say.

People come and go quite fast since the conditions are most of the times not the best. It is smelly, it is wet it is full of waste. “Normal” people don’t like to stay for long.





fish-market-9   fish-market-12On the other hand many photographers see in the fish markets a different world. Fish life is ending or has ended a few hours/minutes ago. There is a raw process that always shows a very interesting subject.

fish-market-14  fish-market-1


fish-market-3And… there are colors.

At Varanasi, India, the fish market was a little different in principal, although hygiene was at a very basic level (almost not existent…).  However, it was quite busy and the fish sellers were busy too to prepare the orders they got. Of course fish were lying on the ground and I have to say that behind the benches I saw some kind of weasel, most likely waiting for its launch…


fish-market-5  fish-market-7


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