Just Dance!


Pationate Dancer

About the Dancer:
Eos Antonopoulou Kyriakidou
Studies: Graduate of Anna Petrova Higher Professional School. D.A.F. (Dance Arts Faculty) in Rome, Italy. Graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance, I.S.T.D modern Theater. Dance seminars in New York and Cannes // Performances: Work with the Nostalgia Group for the first episode of the theatrical series “Anterovgaltis – The Ripper”,  of Michalis Argyros for the project “Death Wishes – Orpheus”, Renato Zanella for the project “Opus 8” // Choreography: “lifeline – hymn to Gaia”. “KANDANSKY” with the group GaiaArtGroup. “Reframing Mamory” at the Benaki Museum.



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