There is this point that every part of the body is at it’s highest point!
As if it is shouting loud!

Choreographer: Zefi Bartzoka
Dancer: Elli Tsitsipa
Dancing team: SEXTETO
Performance: Love affairs

About the Choreographer
Zefi Bartzoka: Born in Athens. She studied classical ballet and contemporary dance and has a diploma from Superior Dance School. Her dancing career began as a soloist dancer in the “CLASSICAL BALLET CENTER” (L.DEPIAN) and then became a first dancer with the company “AENAON DANCE THEATER” (DANIEL LOMMEL) where she continued to work for many years. She also participated as a soloist with “BALLET THEATRE J.RUSSILIO” Her teaching career began in Greece in professional schools of dance and dramatic art. In France she taught in a dance conservatory for classical ballet and contemporary. She has choreographed for many dance galas and for theater plays. In 2017 she created her own company “SEXTETO” and is continuing to pursue her choreografic route…


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