Obedience – That is the target we all need to obay. Politicians are reinforcing the legal structure so that freedom is strictly limited…

It was three years ago when this idea started to become solid. The hostile environment we live in, was already quite stressful.
Nothing to do, of course with the current situation we are experiencing in 2020…
Althoug not so fresh, the main idea seems still current: “we must be scared!”
Scared people obay!
Scared people think less!
Scared people follow orders!
Scared people need saviors!

Mental suffocation is everywhere, it is getting deeper and deeper into our heads!

This is a series of photos created a few years ago, combining the mask (then it was not mandatory, now it is…), the city environment of Athens, Greece, and dance as a form of artistic expression. Press is present in order to show it’s rotten role in this game.

Unfortunately every form of art was severely pushed aside during this Covid19 period…

Very talented dancer Eos Antonopoulou contributed her best in this project not only performing, but thinking and proposing ideas.



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