Been there forever


This ancient building has probably seen most “stories” than any other in the world. For sometime was considered the center of the civilized world. Now it is at the center of one of the most corrupted countries of the world. How ironic…

Undoubtedly a masterpiece, created by our ancestors about 2.500 years ago and has seen it all through the years.

Still, has been aside for the local people, being used just as a means of showoff (just bragging of what we have been able for) or earning money…

It is sad that although it is admired by the most of the world it is ignored by many Greeks, most of whom, have never been up the hill…

Picture was taken from Filopapou Hill and is a classic image of Akropolis.

Picture was taken in April 2009 as part of my Athens project. Logo KK

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