Catalan colors

Casa Batlló_1

I have heard and read a lot about Antoni Gaudí, before visiting Bascelona, Spain. But, it was only after I have seen his creations that I realised his wisdom and his talent.

Gaudi is considered one of the greatest architects of all time and there is a reason behind that. He could see far more than eyes and common brain could. Not only design but also construction qualities he implemented, are rare to see even now, some 150 years after.

Probably for many Casa Batlló is not his greatest achievement, however I think that in this organic, skeletal design he incorporates many of its values.

Casa Batlló was built back in 1877 and yet remodeled in 1904-1906. For the locals the name of the building is Casa dels ossos (House of Bones).

Those two details were captured during my second visit to Barcelona in August 2005.

Casa Batlló_2

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