“My” Havana de Cuba

In 23 images!

Havana, is a city that has been almost untouched for the last 50 years. Amazing! Walking on its streets gives the impression that you are taking part in a movie set or a fairy tale.

Yes, there might be poverty all arround you, but Cuban people are proud, have very high self-esteem and also they have dignity. They are polite and happy and gave me the impression that, us in the so-called western world, are going after things that do not matter (of course this is something everyone decides for his own).

Please enjoy a colorful city that knows how to be alive(!):

_DSC3371_A7-2Plaza de la Revolución

_DSC4039_A7-2Malecón – the waterfront walking path



_DSC4037_A7-2The Coco Taxi

_DSC4044_A7-2Selling juice at Malecón



_DSC2923_A6000-2On the Coco Taxi


_DSC2947_A6000-2  _DSC3451_A7Squeezing the sugarcane to get Guarapo Frio (sugarcane juice)

_DSC3453_A7-2The cars from the ’50ies

_DSC3493_A7-2Police control…

_DSC3506_A7-2The dancers


_DSC3546_A7-2Inside the ’50ies taxi


_DSC3897_A7-2Street Art

_DSC3921_A7-2The Bici Taxi




_DSC2935_A6000-2Art in the city of Havana

All images (C) Kostas Kalantzopoulos


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