Dancing in the sky

Emily flying in the Athenian sky, over the Lykabettus hill, in grace!

Model: Emily Downs (https://www.facebook.com/emily.downs.3382)


About the dancer
Name: Emily Downs//Studies: The Royal Ballet Lower School, The Royal Ballet Upper School//Experience: Soloist at Staatstheater Cottbus, Guest Soloist at Ballet Rosa (Halle) She won the Audience Award as a soloist with Landestheater Coburg, Opernhaus Zurich Ballet, The Royal Ballet Company, Birmingham Royal Ballet// Roles: The Nutcracker – Sugar Plumb Fairy, Snow and Chinese solo. Soloist in Sync (Nils Christe) Main pas de deux couple in Oktett (Uwe Scholz) Sybil in Dorian Gray (Lode Devos) Purcell Pieces (Nils Christe), Marie in Woyzeck, Maria in Maria de Buenos Aires, Swan Lake – Big Swan, La Bayadere – Shades, The Sleeping Beauty – Aurora’s Page//Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0oNIPwWSsc

“My” Havana de Cuba

In 23 images!

Havana, is a city that has been almost untouched for the last 50 years. Amazing! Walking on its streets gives the impression that you are taking part in a movie set or a fairy tale.

Yes, there might be poverty all arround you, but Cuban people are proud, have very high self-esteem and also they have dignity. They are polite and happy and gave me the impression that, us in the so-called western world, are going after things that do not matter (of course this is something everyone decides for his own).

Please enjoy a colorful city that knows how to be alive(!):

_DSC3371_A7-2Plaza de la Revolución

_DSC4039_A7-2Malecón – the waterfront walking path



_DSC4037_A7-2The Coco Taxi

_DSC4044_A7-2Selling juice at Malecón



_DSC2923_A6000-2On the Coco Taxi


_DSC2947_A6000-2  _DSC3451_A7Squeezing the sugarcane to get Guarapo Frio (sugarcane juice)

_DSC3453_A7-2The cars from the ’50ies

_DSC3493_A7-2Police control…

_DSC3506_A7-2The dancers


_DSC3546_A7-2Inside the ’50ies taxi


_DSC3897_A7-2Street Art

_DSC3921_A7-2The Bici Taxi




_DSC2935_A6000-2Art in the city of Havana

All images (C) Kostas Kalantzopoulos


Ghost car

Old truck

Texola, Oklahoma, US, is a very attractive old town.

Because it is deserted…

Photographers always like deserted places, that witness the presence of people but without people being there…

Texola is very often a Ghost City, obviously because it has been deserted but not destroyed.

One of the famous sayings about Texola is written on one wall of the town saying:

“There’s no other place like this place anywhere near this place so this must be the place”

One of the images I took in Texola was this deserted old truck. It should have been there for a while as even trees have grown through it… I loved the colors of the metal, the paint that has been destroyed from the weather and time, but it seems as it still tries to keep up its profile against all odds…

Picture was taken in August 2008, during my trip to Route 66.